The One Reason Why We Should Walk Through Life With Open Eyes (Making A New Friend At Montjuïc, Barcelona)

Yesterday I made a new friend.

Usually there is nothing special about making new friends when you are on Erasmus living in an international city like Barcelona.

But yesterday it was special.

I made a new friend by a coincidence chain, pairing with my curiosity and love for Barcelona. I trusted my gut feeling, which led me to an emotional conversation with a complete stranger.

I entered the botanic park and enjoyed nature.

When you see new places, you are obviously taking pictures. But there is a group of tourists in this world who aim to take touristic, touristic pictures.

One moment later, the old men laughed, I laughed, the tourist who took the photo laughed, just the tourist under the triumphal arc wasn’t.

The old man had made an impression on me.

An impression that made me wanna talk to him.

  • Growing up in a village near Tarragona
  • Studying in Santiago de Compostela
  • Finishing his study’s here in Barcelona.

Getting a compliment for my Spanish of him, as a former Spanish teacher, was special.

To me, the conversation was very emotional.

He agreed with a lovely smile. The lovely smile I can share with you through this picture.

I just had made a new friend only by being open to the world. A learning I made and hopefully never will forget.

Hopefully, I will see you again.



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Jan Stetzka

German Writer | 1x Top-Author on Quora DE | 2 Years in Barcelona, Spain | T1D | Topics: Love, Humankind, Philosophy, T1D, Basketball