Albert Camus and The Myth Of Sisyphus

To be happy is very probably not the meaning of life….
Otherwise, we humans would certainly be happier, wouldn’t we?

Life is so hard sometimes because we are not meant to live a comfortable life.

A tiger hunts.
A tiger catches its prey.
A tiger eats. And goes to sleep.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

John Wooden is one of the most iconic and successful coaches in Basketball history.

Besides being the College Basketball Coach John Wooden taught English at UCLA and taught how to be successful human beings.

The successes that came along on the court were extraordinary.

The players John Wooden coached changed the League and the game of Basketball.

What would the NBA be without Bill…

Yesterday I made a new friend.

Usually there is nothing special about making new friends when you are on Erasmus living in an international city like Barcelona.

But yesterday it was special.

I didn’t make a new friend while playing basketball or football, neither by working out in the gym, attending university, partying, or drinking in a bar.

I made a new friend by a coincidence chain, pairing with my curiosity and love for Barcelona. …

I am in love. But the 3 C´s of love made the possibility of a beautiful functioning relationship almost impossible.

The three C’s stand for cerebro (Spanish for the brain), corazón (Spanish for the heart) and cuerpo (Spanish for the body).

These three different parts are battling at the core of every relationship.

In my current life, it is one part that tries to sabotage the others.

The circumstances of life made it difficult to try if she and I work as a couple.

Not because she doesn’t like me. She…

Jan Stetzka

German Writer | 1x Top-Author on Quora DE | 2 Years in Barcelona, Spain | T1D | Topics: Love, Humankind, Philosophy, T1D, Basketball

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